Motown Showdown

We attended the Motown Showdown at RC Clubhouse this past weekend. There were 77 drivers with more than 145 entries.

We arrived Friday morning for practice. We were hard at work getting the tires and setup sorted out. The cars felt pretty good. I felt confident with the cars going into Saturday’s race.
Round 1 of qualifying went pretty good for both cars. I finished 3rd in my heat and was sitting 4th overall in 17.5 2wd buggy. In 13.5 4wd buggy I was able to take TQ, sitting 1st overall. Round 2 went even better. I was able to improve my time in 2wd, finishing 2nd in my heat and sitting 2nd overall. In 4wd I finished 1st in my heat and was able to improve the TQ time. Round 3 didn’t go as well as I hoped. I made a few mistakes in my 2wd heat that had me finish 8th in the heat, but I was sitting 3rd overall. My final round didn’t go well in 4wd buggy. I got tangled up with a couple of cars early on and did my best to recover. I finished 3rd in the heat and sitting 2nd overall. I want to say congrats to Nathanial Betly for taking the overall TQ in 13.5 4wd buggy.

I was starting 3rd in 17.5 2wd buggy A Main. Had a good start, moving into 2nd in lap 3. I drove clean and took my XB2 to a 2nd place finish! In the 13.5 4wd buggy A Main, I was starting 2nd. Unfortunately Nathanial broke in warm up, which had me start on pole. My start was clean and slowly broke away from the pack. I was approaching a couple of lapped cars when I got hit and needed to get marshalled. I fell back to 2nd. I started to push to catch the lead car. By the 11th lap I was able to regain the lead and hold it to the finish!!

Both Xray cars ran strong all weekend. The Maclan MMax Pro ESC’s with the 17.5 and 13.5 Tuned MRR V2 motors are fast and reliable. The Maclan 4500mah V3 HV provided amazing power in both cars.

Would like to thank Billy and Melissa for hosting the event.

New York Winter Championship

We were at the 6th Annual New York Winter Championship hosted by Veracity RC. This was the 2nd time that the event was held at MakinTraxx RC in Rush, NY.

Brian Davin and the Kothman family did an amazing job running the event.

This weekend was our 1st race with Xray Team. Dylan was a little nervous but excited to run the cars and work with the team.

Friday practise went well. Dylan spend the day just getting a feel for the both cars.

2wd qualifying was a bit of a struggle as we’re still getting use to the car. Dylan was able to finish both 1st and 2nd round, however a motor issue prevented us from finishing round 3.
4wd qualifying went very well! Dylan felt very comfortable with the XB4’19 finishing all 3 rounds and qualified 8th overall.

We started 4th in 2wd buggy D Main. A couple of mistake early on had Dylan fall to the back of the pack. He drove hard and slowly began moving up through the field. He was in 3rd a closing the gap on the lead 2 cars, but traction rolled on the last lap. He finished 3rd.

We started 8th in 4wd buggy A Main. Dylan ran well in all 3 rounds of the A finals and finished 8th overall.

We would to thank Mark Sousa and Andrew Rizzo for their help throughout the weekend. Like to thank Mark for lending us his cars. Also like to thank all the sponsors for supporting the event.

JConcepts Fall Indoor Nationals

We attended the Fall Indoor Nationals hosted by JConcepts and RC Clubhouse this past weekend. Big thanks goes out to the Clubhouse crew and Jason Ruona for as exceptional event.

Qualifying and Mains went very well. I started 8th in 17.5 2wd D Main. Finished 2nd and took the bump to the C, where I finished 9th. I started 5th in Mod 4wd C Main buggy and finished 1st. I started 9th in 13.5 4wd buggy A Main. I was able to finish 7th.

Both Serpents, SRX2 and SDX4 ran strong all weekend. The Maclan 17.5 and 13.5 motors were strong and reliable all weekend as well.

We had a great time hanging out with George BousioutisSteve Bulman and Clint. Want to thank Mark Sousa for helping us out this weekend.

Brain DeCarie Memorial Race

We attended the 9th annual Brain DeCarie Memorial Race in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. Everyone help raise over $4700 for cancer research.

Despite the weather everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Our sincere condolences to Brandon Marshall and family in this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We managed to get about half way through the mains before the rain. Unfortunately we weren’t able to complete the rest of the races.

Like to thank the SPARC crew for all the hard work, cleaning and preparing the track. Also like to thank all the sponsors for contributing and supporting a great cause.

This concludes our outdoor season for 2019. Now we begin preparation for the fall/winter indoor season.

Otter Cup Series Final

I was an amazing weekend at the final race of the Otter Cup Series. There were 165 entries on hand of some of the best drivers in Southern Ontario and North East US. The layout for was simply “Epic” This was by far our favorite layout!

Qualifying went well in ebuggy and 4wd buggy. After 3 rounds of qual points, Dylan took his Serpent SRX8e to an 8th start in ebuggy A main. He put his Serpent SDX4 on pole in 4wd buggy A main.

Double A mains went very well. Dylan finished 9th and A1 and 10th in A2 in ebuggy. He had two great runs in 4wd buggy, winning both A1 and A2. The Maclan MRR V2m 6.5T motor and MMAX Pro 1/10 160A ESC ran strong and consistent all season in his SDX4. Like to thank Brandon Dyche and Ian Maize for their support. In the Otter Cup Series standings. Dylan finished 2nd oval all in 4wd buggy and 15th overall in ebuggy.

We would like to thank John Blakley and Karla Josephson for their great hospitality, as well as giving us an amazing facility to race. We always have a great time in Otterville! Like to Jared Bardin for his amazing commentary.

We would also like to thank our sponsors for their continued support


2019 ROAR Nationals

We were in Columbus, OH for the 2019 ROAR Nationals at EN Hobbies. This was our first national event and we were excited!

We arrived Wednesday for practice. In a matter of a few feet of entering the building, Dylan saw all the pro drivers. He stood in front of me frozen. He was star struck. The smile on his face when he looked back at me was priceless!

Thursday seeding rounds went well. We were off pace but slowly improving. Dylan felt good with his SDX4. However the SRX2 needed some work. By the end of the day we felt good going into qualifying.

Friday qualifying was good. We slowly improved our pace but struggle to stay consistent. Dylan was feeling a little more confident with each lap

Saturday’s 2nd round of qualifying didn’t go as well. We had a wheel nut come off in the 3 round on his 2wd buggy race. By the end of the day Dylan was able to qualify in the F mains with both buggies

Sunday Mains. We started 10th in 2wd buggy. Unfortunately we didn’t have a clean start. We got tangled up the buggy in front of us going into the first turn. Dylan did the best he could to catch the field. We finished 9th. We also didn’t have a clean start with the 4wd buggy. We got stuck on the pipe on the first lap. He did the best he could and finished 8th.

We would like to thank all the drivers that signed Dylan’s T shirt. Also like to thank Billy Easton and Cledus Snow for helping us out throughout the week. 

Otter Cup Race 3

We were at Otterville Raceway for race 3 of the Otter Cup Series.

Friday practice went pretty good. Both buggies were working well and running pretty consistent

I was able to win and TQ all 3 rounds of qualifying in 4WD buggy. This was the first time I TQ in a major event. The Maclan powered Serpent SDX4 was strong all weekend.

Ebuggy qualifying was pretty good. I had a strong first round, finishing 12th. Round 2 didn’t go as well. We had a tire come off the rim early in the race, finishing 40th. I had a good start in round 3. I had good pace and holding 3rd overall for most of the race, but with 2 laps to go I got hit and fell to the middle of the pack, finished 14th.


Started on pole in 4wd buggy A main. Had a clean start and drove clean all the way to the end to take the win!

Started 4th in ebuggy B main. Had a good start moving up 2 positions early on, but had a fumble and fall back to 5th. I tried to stay clean. Slowly began moving up through the field, and with 2 laps to go took the lead and the win for my spot in the A main. I started 11th in the A. Had a good start and slowly moving up a few positions. By lap eight I was in 7th. I had a couple of slow laps which caused me fall back to 8th. With 3 laps left, I was closing in on the lead pack and passed a few cars and finished 4th

Like to thank John Blakley and Karla Josephson for and amazing weekend. We had a lot of fun. Like to thank all the drivers for coming out. Like thank Jared Bardin for being on the mic

Otter Cup Race 2

We were in Tillsonburg, ON for Race 2 of the Otter Cup Series at Otterville Raceway.

We had mixed results in qualifying. The SDX4 ran well in both rounds, which gave us a 6th place start on the grid in the A Main. The SRX8e ran well, however were struggled to keep the consistency. We started 10th in the C main

We didn’t have a great start in 4wd buggy. A small pile up in turn 1 cause a few buggies to end up at the back of the pack. We slowly began moving up through the field and finished 3rd. The Ebuggy race was called shortly after the start do to the rain.

We would like to thank John Blakley and Karla Josephson for another great weekend of racing. Also super happy to have won the 50/50 draw!!

Rumble in Rome

We were at CRC Raceway for the 15th annual Rumble in Rome. This was our 2nd time attending this event. We had a fantastic time. It was good to see some old friends and make new ones.

There were 280 entries this year which is a new record.

Friday practice went pretty good. Both the SDX4 and SRX8e Serpent buggies were running well. We felt pretty good going into Saturday qualifying.

We had 3 rounds of qual points in Saturday’s qualifying. The first 2 rounds were pretty good, however we struggled to keep consistency with the Ebuggy in round 3. We qualified 3rd in Ebuggy C main and 3rd in 4wd buggy A main.

We felt pretty good with our starting positions going into Sunday’s race.

We had a great start in the Ebuggy C main quickly moving into 2nd with in the first lap. We held it to the end finishing in 2nd and taking the last bump up spot to the B main. We started 13th in Ebuggy C main. A few laps in we were sitting in 6th position. We had a fumble that caused us to fall to the back of the pack. We did the best we could to regain the position but had a few to many fumbles. We finished 11th

Our 4wd buggy race didn’t go well. The wrong tire choice made the buggy very difficult to drive. We finished 7th.

We would like to thank Frank Calandra and the CRC crew for a great event. Looking forward to the next one.

OtterCup Series Race 1

We had a pretty good weekend at the first race of the Otter Cup Series.

There were 167 entries despite the weather. The layout is exciting. Dylan loved the bridge and the back double, and he especially liked the Serpent S section.

Both Serpent buggies had good pace in the first round of qualifying. We weren’t able to improve our position in the final round.

Dylan qualified 6th the Ebuggy C Main. He drove clean. He was able to finish 2nd for the final bump spot to the B main. He started 11th in the B main. He drove well and finished 6th. We qualified 7th in 4wd buggy A main. This was a double A main race, unfortunately we missed the first A1 race. However in A2 the SDX4 ran strong and Dylan finished 2nd

We would to thank John Blakley and Karla Josephson for putting on a great event. Like to thank Maddy Moo’s Chipwagon for providing meals for the day.

The Series Race 3 RC Clubhouse

We were at RC Clubhouse for the final race of The Series.

Friday practice was went well both cars looking good but we were a little more than 2 seconds of the pace.

Saturday morning warm up looked promising. We made a couple of changes to the SRX2 and decided to go with a super soft tire and recovered 1.4 seconds. We also made a couple of changes to the SDX4 and went with clay compound tire. We recovered about 7 tenths of a second.


The first 2 rounds were a bit of a struggle with the 4wd buggy. We just didn’t have the grip to keep pace. We made a tire change for round 3 and did well finishing 3rd.

The first round we were a bit off the pace with the 2wd buggy. Struggling for grip. We would like to thank John Abounayor and Mike Chedda for lending us a set of tires that helped improve the last 2 rounds of qualifying.


Dylan qualified 7th in 2wd buggy B Main. He had trouble in the first lap that had him fall back to 9th. Unfortunately on the 5th lap he tapped the pipe and broke. DNF

Dylan qualified 1st in 4wd buggy B Main. He had a good start and drove well. Taking the win and the bump to the A

With the bump Dylan started 11th in 4wd buggy A Main. We didn’t have a great start, getting tangible up with a few cars in turn one. He started to recover. He had good pace but made a few mistakes. He finished 9th. Dylan finished 4th overall in 4wd buggy and 10th overall in 2wd buggy

We wanted to thank everyone at The Series for putting on a great race series. Like to thank all the racers for coming out.

We would also like to thank out sponsors for their support.


The Series Race 2 Dirt Burners

We were at Dirt Burners for Race 2 of The Series. The layout was technical and quick.

Friday practice went well. By the end of the session we had both Serpents running consistently.

We were off pace in the first 2 rounds of qualifying, struggling with traction which caused a couple of breaks with both cars. By round 3, things were improving and we had good pace going into the mains.

Dylan qualified 7th in 2wd buggy B main. He didn’t have a great start. The buggy started sliding around which had him fall to the back of the pack. He got into his rhythm and slowly began closing the gap on the rest of the field. Dylan was able to gain 2 positions and finished 5th

Dylan took his Maclan powered SDX4 to 7th place start in the A. He had a good start, but had a fumble in the first couple of laps. The buggy seemed to have traction problems thought-out the race. Dylan drove well. He finished 7th.

We would like to thank The Series organizers for another great event. Like to that the Dirt Burners track crew their hard work repairing and maintaining the track. Like to thank all the sponsors for the great prizes.

MakinTraxx RC Race for Ron White

We were at MakinTraxx RC for the first annual Race for Ron White. It’s a race to honor a long time racer and club member. The turnout was nothing less than impressive. 122 drivers and more than 330 entries on hand for a great weekend of racing.

The layout was technical and fast, there even was a triple section that drove most drivers crazy. The Makintraxx crew did a great job maintaining the track all weekend.

Friday practice went very well. All 3 cars were pretty consistent throughout the day. We were feeling pretty good going into Saturday qualifying We had a couple of struggles with the SDX4 in round one. The 2nd round went better and we were able to qualify 8th in the C Main. The SRX2 was awesome in both rounds of qualifying. Dylan drove well and started 7th in the B Main. The SRX8e also ran well in both rounds. Dylan was able to qualify 3rd in the A Main. We were set for the mains.